The new reading solution for a 'visual' child : From Oxford Learning Solutions

“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
Families Columnist

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Easyread: A new attitude from Day 1, substantial progress in 3-4 weeks


What is Easyread and
How Does it Work?

Easyread In A Nutshell:

First, here are the essential elements of Easyread:

  1. Easyread is a series of 223 very short lessons delivered in a fixed sequence over the Internet.
  2. Each child has his or her own account on our website and follows this same sequence.
  3. All the lessons are multi-media, so the child receives all the instructions needed to succeed unaided. Children often like to do the lessons on their own.
  4. We have a series of parent options for use at home and school accounts as well.
  5. We can deliver Easyread to you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, if you have an Internet link.It works equally well for an American child as an English, Scottish, Australian or Irish one.
  6. We give an UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on the result you see.

Easyread In More Detail

In order to use Easyread, you create an account on our website. You then log onto your account from any computer each day. The daily rhythm (or as close to daily as possible) is very important to the success of what we do.

Within your account each of your children can have their own account and do the sequence of lessons at their own pace.

Each lesson is designed to be very short. They range from 5-15 minutes. We strongly advise that your child does not do more than 15 minutes in any one session.

Once you have logged onto a lesson, the following lesson becomes available the next day. It is important not to do too much in a day.

All the lessons have audio instructions where necessary. So your child can do the lessons unassisted if wished. Children vary on this. Some like to do it on their own, others don't.

If any lesson is too difficult first time around, it can be repeated the following day. Each day the next lesson and the previous three lessons are available.

At the end of some lessons there are codewords, which you send us on the messaging system within the system. We will then send you a prize for your child along with information and coaching. These prizes and certificates are crucial to most children.

Easyread is a very structured system. There are four stages:

  1. The first level is a foundation, which introduces our Easyread Characters.
  2. The second level is a series of very short lessons which build confidence
  3. The third level has much more material and builds reading experience
  4. The fourth level uses non-fiction material to open up your child's view of reading

It is an incremental process. It normally takes around 6 months to get to reading takeoff, although for some children it is more like a penny-drop and they are off and flying earlier.

Sometimes we have to look out for symptoms of physiological problems like Dyspraxia. We do a lot of interaction and coaching over the messaging system and on the phone. This is not a dumb CD that leaves you to struggle on your own. We are here to help. Learning to read is a complex process and we have years of experience of making that process work.

The Science Behind Easyread

You will find the Easyread materials deceptively simple. I have even had parents of children who have been struggling to read for years (and have now learnt in around 4-6 months) comment "Yes, she is now reading really well. But I think it was mainly the other things we were doing. The Easyread lessons are so short and simple. I can't see that they were the key to it."

In reality the lessons have a huge amount of structure and complexity to them. I guess we have done a good job of hiding that!

If you want to know more about it, read the Science behind Easyread

What Is Different About Easyread?

If you know the level of failure in our schools, our claims and confidence of success may seem bizarre and frankly incredible. It still surprises even me a bit!

You see every English-speaking society has struggled to get their children reading since mass education began. Normally 1 in 5 children fail to reach a basic level of literacy .

So what we are achieving is revolutionary. We must be doing something differently.

In order to understand why Easyread succeeds (where other systems have consistently failed) you need to understand why so many children develop problems with their reading in the first place. Once you see that, it will be clear why Easyread succeeds.

In essence, we deal with the real problem, not the symptom that most people see as the problem.

Why Easyread Works

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