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“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
Families Columnist

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Causes of Dyslexia


Easyread: A new attitude from Day 1, substantial progress in 3-4 weeks


understanding reading difficulty


About the Easyread System

Learning to read English is particularly hard because there are so many different spelling patterns for each sound in the language. Why don't 'gas', 'has' and 'was' rhyme? These things can make reading English very frustrating for a young child. There are over 1000 letter pattern to sound relationshops in English! Languages like Italian and Spanish have around 40.

This leads to particular difficulty if your child has a strong visual memory, because the temptation is then to sight-memorise all the words in the book. With early reader books it can just seem an easier option than trying to decode words. And your child is not to know that it is a path leading to trouble!

Unfortunately, this sight reading strategy tends to take the child onto a reading plateau between the ages of 6 and 11. As the vocabulary in the books increases you will see more and more guessing, particularly with the short words. Spelling will also be terrible, except perhaps in revised spelling tests.

The solution is to give your child the help needed to routinely decode words and then practise that skill, with a short lesson each day. Between 90 and 180 lessons normally does the trick.

There are other causes of reading difficulty to be aware of too. For instance, any eye-tracking weakness will lead to words and lines being skipped. If your child can decode a single word on a flash card but struggles with sentences and paragraphs, this will be why.

Regular eye-tracking practice will fix this fairly quickly.

Another strange pattern is when a child can decode, but never learns to read fluently. That is caused by a particular bit of cortex remaining unengaged in the reading process.

So, there are multiple different possible causes of difficulty. We regularly see seven. Once you understand those, helping a child learn to read and spell confidently is usually quite simple.






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