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“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
Families Columnist

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Dyslexia: online help that gets results

How a simple innovation is the new solution
for struggling readers and spellers:

The Past - If you have a child guessing short, easy, familiar words, that is a classic symptom of how conventional reading systems get it wrong for so many bright children. Here is what's happening. We find spelling problems are almost always linked into how you read too. Without changing that, spelling practice is often a waste of time and effort.

The New Science - Guided Phonetic Reading (GPR) is a new research-based approach to reading and spelling, that we have developed over the last 12 years, working with thousands of children. GPR uses a simple trick, called Trainertext, to make reading practice easy and fun, with short daily lessons. The Trainertext images help the child decode each word and it is that process that builds decoding as a subconscious skill for them.

Proven Results - We run our solutions for struggling readers and spellers on a not-for-profit basis, because our focus is on getting the right outcome for each child. In fact, we give you a guarantee of success. To see how we can do that:
a) Check the independent research data on the results the system gets (95+% success rate).
Look at our archive of testimonials (2000 and counting)
c) Ask to talk to an Easyread Teacher or Parent nearby.

See For Yourself, on our 10-Lesson Free Trial

As a not-for-profit social enterprize, we don't have a big marketing budget. So this may be the first time you've heard of Easyread. You may then be skeptical about what we are saying. Does it sound almost "too good to be true"?

That's why we currently offer the free trial, at our expense. We can do so (with our guarantee as well) because most people do go on to use the system and they then almost never fail.

After ten lessons we know you will already be seeing a difference in attitude, direction and morale. You will also understand what has gone wrong beforehand, which is a big comfort in itself.

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