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“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
Families Columnist

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Dyslexia: online help that gets results

Easyread is a not-for-profit process for children
struggling to read and spell, that takes them from
guessing and stressing to starting to decode steadily
and confidently in 60-90 short daily lessons

The Past - If you have a child guessing short, easy words, that is a classic symptom of someone who is sight reading whole words, rather than decoding. Many bright children choose to sight read rather than decode, because it seems easier at first. You need to try something different.

The New Science - Easyread uses an entirely new approach, developed over the last 12 years, with a simple "trick" to help the children crack decoding. If conventional phonics has not worked, then it is time to try Guided Phonetic Reading and experience the difference. Do a sample lesson today.

Proven Results - Easyread works so well, we can give you a guarantee of success. To see why:
a) Check our independent research data, collected by randomized control trial.
Look at our archive of over 1,500 testimonials.
c) Talk to a teacher or parent using the Easyread System near you.

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