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“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
Families Columnist

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Dyslexia: online help that gets results

This simple, new trick is the easiest way*
for any child to learn to read and spell,
with our unique GPR Trainertext® System

The Past - If you have a child guessing short, easy words, that is a classic symptom of how conventional reading systems get it wrong for so many children. Here is what's happening.

The New Science - Guided Phonetic Reading (GPR) is an entirely new, research-based approach to reading, that we have developed over the last 12 years. It uses a simple trick to make reading practice easy and fun. We expect to see clear results in 60-90 short lessons. Try one today.

Proven Results - We can give you a guarantee of success. To see why:
a) Check our independent research data.
Look at our archive of testimonials.
c) Ask to talk to an Easyread Teacher or Parent nearby.

* We don't know of any other reading and spelling system with
equivalent scientifically-collected results and a comparable guarantee



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