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Easyread: A new attitude from Day 1, substantial progress in 3-4 weeks

Dyslexia Tests


What is a dyslexia test and do you need to get one done?

Would a free dyslexia assessment suffice?


Dyslexia tests are designed to detect whether your child fits the normal profile for dyslexia. The problem is that there is no broad agreement on what dyslexia is.

So a dyslexia test will only tell you that your child shows neurological patters that fit the criteria of that dyslexia test.

What does the test actually mean and how does it help you?

In our view, any child who is struggling to read has some reason for that, which can be called dyslexia. So, if your child is finding reading hard, that is the ultimate dyslexia test.

At which point, we can focus on how to help your child learn to read.

The money you save on a dyslexia test, will be much better spent on help with learning to read.

Dyslexia Test Options

However, if you really want a dyslexia test done, then you have two main options:

  • First, you can push your child's school to organise the dyslexia test. You will find this is often surprisingly hard. If the dyslexia test proves positive, various statutary requirements are triggered, which cost the education authority a lot of money. So it will be hard to get the test done and it is likely to show up a negative result.
  • Your second option is to approach one of the dyslexia charities. They will normally offer local dyslexia tests. They tend to be much broader in their definition of dyslexia, often including many people who can read well as dyslexic. So the result of their dyslexia test is much more likely to be positive.

If you do get a dyslexia test done, the key thing is to get information on what specific dyslexia pattern they have detected. This will guide you towards what the right solution to your child's form of dyslexia is.

You can read more about the forms of dyslexia and their solutions here.





Easyread is a reading system designed for visual learners. It uses a short daily lesson online to teach a child to read over 2-6 months. It has proved highly effective with the most common form of dyslexia (auditory deficit syndrome). It is based on synthetic phonics.

We can also give advice on other foms of dyslexia such as Irlen Syndrome and Dyspraxia.

Getting children to read is our passion. Don't hesitate to call us with any question. But before you do, take the time to have a look around the site. There is a lot of information on literacy, dyslexia, the causes of dyslexia and ways to help with each type of dyslexia.

You can also check our blog to hear the latest literacy news.

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