Just to let you know that we appear to have reached tipping point…

Just to let you know that we appear to have reached tipping point (hallelulijah!)
He is happy to do the lessons, we move through them extremely quickly, he is default decoding all the time now in every reading situation, and has also started, for the first time, to try reading words “around” him (street signs, instructions on things, ads on TV – usual stuff). The comic books I’ve bought have definitely added to the interest factor, but defaulting to decoding is a huge relief for me and a sign we are now on the way forward.

- Melena

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Progress has been going well and…

Progress has been going well and we are very pleased with the way that it has encouraged Anne to attempt more reading generally. Reading signs, Menu’s and everyday information which is really encouraging. Easyread has certainly been a great motivation for Anne and invaluable to keep us reading regularly in the long summer vacation.

- P

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Henry is reading so much better these days…

Henry is reading so much better these days, with confidence and fluency. What a difference! He continues to guess sometimes, so I remind him to decode and then he does fine.

When we are sitting in a restaurant, I’ll play a game with him based on the Easyread characters. For example, I’ll ask, “What word is bear-lion-moon”? He’ll think for a couple of seconds and then answer, “Blue!”

We are enjoying our daily lesson, and I’m so glad I found you!


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When the learning support teacher came to see me I honestly nearly wept!

One thing I forgot to mention in my last email was Arthur’s end of year test results at school. I had been waiting for them eagerly and somewhat nervously as I really hoped they would confirm what I felt – that Arthur’s reading skills have improved dramatically.

When the learning support teacher came to see me I honestly nearly wept! Whilst his spelling remains on the low side (definite dyslexic tendencies)it had made a significant improvement and came out as just below average. I was so pleased. However, the dramatically exciting news was that his reading comprehension (done totally unaided) had leapt from somewhere around the 90th centile to a whopping 120! Well above average!

This confirmed everything that I felt – Arthur is a bright boy who wasn’t able to access reading in the traditional way. No wonder the poor kid hated school. Thanks to Easyread he is now well on the way to fulfilling his potential and getting him there in the morning is no longer a heart-wrenching battle!

The sad thing is that it’s made me realise how much his school (independent, fee-paying) has let him down. Now I have evidence that Arthur is as bright as I’ve been saying and totally capable of achieving well. I think they thought I was an over-protective mother who thought her son was more able than he really was! I know we all think our children are fantastic but we all hope that other key adults in their lives will seek to see the best in them too.

I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked during the course.

Thanks to you and Sarah yet again. I feel I have my son back.


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Case Study: Mary Ann

Mary Ann recently finished the Easyread course. I wanted to send you an update on her progress now that she is done with the course. We’ve just started some fourth grade homework assignments, and the difference between this time last year and now is extraordinary. It is an unbelievably good feeling to hear her reading out her math problems, or to know that I can simply be on “stand by” to help her, as opposed to having to read the problems or stories in detail for her throughout the assignment.

Mary Ann’s school uses Dibles to access the student’s reading. Her words per minute doubled in the third grade while using the course. Her accuracy improved to their desired level (97%) and her reading comprehension was in excess of her grade level benchmark. She is now a solid grade level reader. At the beginning of your course the school determined she was one year behind, but had also stopped gaining any new ground.

Mary Ann is as sharp as a tack, but reading was elusive for her and she was beginning to lose her confidence. Now she can read, she reads everything we come across in our daily lives (signs, pamphlets, etc) and she sits down to do her homework with only a normal, minimal amount of complaining (the same amount any 9 year old would do given one hour of homework per night!), as opposed to the horrible hour or two a night that we had in second in third grade.

Thank you to everyone who makes Easyread available for us. I hate to think about our situation right now if I had not stumbled upon it online one day. I believe that Mary Ann displayed the classic symptoms of Optilexia as described on your website, and I think your system “fixed” it. Please sign us up now for Spell Magic. We cannot wait to see the same improvement over the next year in her spelling that we now see in her reading. Sincerely, R

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Charley Boorman talking about tough times as a child

Along with so many other gifted children, Charley Boorman struggled with literacy as a child. He gives a chat from the heart here about how hard it is living with dyslexia when nobody around you understands what you are going through:


There are few things more important in a child’s life than helping them learn to read.

- David

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There are just no words to describe how Craig’s reading has improved…

There are just no words to describe how Craig’s reading has improved.  He had another STAR test last week and the teacher had already warned me not to be disappointed if his reading age had dropped over the holidays since that was quite normal.  She was gob-smacked when he got a reading age of 9!  Craig won’t be 9 until December so is now reading above his actual age. :-)

- F

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The last year has been quite a journey for us…

The last year has been quite a journey for us. We began the year with a boy who had tummy aches every day before school, his self-esteem was on the floor and school was a real struggle. After 2 weeks of Easyread they disappeared and have not returned.

We as parents have been impressed with the gradual build up of decoding skills, making it a seemless process. The continual promise of codewords and prizes really kept him going and the whole ‘spy’ training was something that Arthur (and his friends!) really bought in to. You hit the nail on the head for little boys and what goes on in their imaginations..! The prizes bought him a lot of street-cred at school and only served to build his confidence further.

So now Arthur can read: he walks taller and can fully access the curriculum at school. A year ago his teacher said, rather too candidly, that she felt she was simply shouting it louder and getting nowhere. She felt he needed something different but didn’t know what. I was deeply concerned by her honesty and decided to address the problem myself – I could not stand by and watch my bright, creative, funny boy fail. I am so glad I found Easyread. From reading the testimonials and watching your videos I realises that it was a ‘proper’ scheme and, although it represented an investment by us as a family, it was definitely worth every penny.

I recommend Easyread to everyone. I am stunned they don’t do it at my children’s school. Every school should teach children to read like this, then children like Arthur would never feel the failure he experienced and be saved from the dreadful sinking of confidence and happiness. It really works!

Thank you to you and Sarah for all your support.

With kind regards

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