Factoid Friday: No Screen-Time Under 2?

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that we discourage screen time for children younger than the age of 2, and limit the time for older kids?

toddler-playingIt’s a bit of a controversial area, especially with the ease and accessibility of tablets, phones and televisions these days.

But Dr. Susan Linn, a psychologist at Harvard, believes there is a better way.

Read a blog post on some of her best recommendations for encouraging early brain development, including:

  • dirty hands
  • stick-hunting
  • puppet stories
  • and more…


What do your kids do for fun that doesn’t include screen time?

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Reading Specialist for Oxford Learning Solutions, publishers of the Easyread System for struggling learners and dyslexics. www.easyreadsystem.com

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Does Easyread Progress Last After You Finish?

This is a question I get asked all the time by parents wondering whether to invest time and money into purchasing Easyread for their child.

And it’s an excellent question. We often hear about programs that worked while the child was on it, but then progress started backsliding after the child finished it. That can be devastating for the whole family.

Very few of our Easyreaders ever come back to us needing more help. When I say “very few”, I mean that I hear from 1 or 2 people a year, out of thousands. And we make it clear that we want to hear of any difficulties.

But why listen to me babble on about it when you can hear it straight from the source? Here is a little message a former Easyread parent sent me today out of the blue.

“I wanted to tell you about Daisy who is one of your Easyread graduates. Before we started Easyread Daisy was an unconfident reader who’s achievement in reading was significantly lower than her other academic levels. She is now several years on from the Easyread programme and is flourishing. She is 8 and in year three at school, however she now has a reading age of 11, her levels for Numeracy, Literacy, and Science are all at a year 5-6 level which is 2-3 years above her actual school year. She has been placed on the gifted and talented register for several subject areas. We feel without the Easyread programme Daisy would not of achieved her potential and the girl who used to believe she was stupid now has self confidence in her abilities. Thank you easy read without you our little bookworm will never of emerged out of her shell.”

Go Daisy!

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is an Easyread Coach at Oxford Learning Solutions. Easyread is a unique online program that uses visual phonics to help children with dyslexia, auditory processing issues, sight-reading and guessing habits, and more. www.easyreadsystem.com

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He is loving the support

Ben is doing well with easy read although he has found the symbols quite hard when we are trying to read the stories out – we are getting there though. He is reading all the words well though and is now taking time on decoding words rather than racing through. He is loving the support he gets and looks forward to his ‘prizes’ coming through – amazing that he now wants to do his daily spell magic – wish it would roll over into his other work!:)

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Going well

Caleb is continuing well. He is not finding these to words be more difficult than the games. The story is going well. Caleb is re-reading the phrases; although I am reminding him to do so. He does not find that fun all the time. :)

He gets very excited when a code word appears and we also like humorous little things like a fart machine. He will love it! Thank you for letting me know ahead of time. We look forward to continuing to work harder, as the summer days have caused us to miss a few days here and there.

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Now exceeding national average!

As promised I wanted to let you know how Harry has been getting on. I can’t say so far that he’s missed easy read as he’s been busy and tired with end of term activities! The meeting with his teacher was very positive and she was very pleased with his progress in literacy this year. His reading has really come on and he has progressed 3 levels (sub levels) this year which is amazing. He is now exceeding the expected national age related average for his reading which is great. His confidence and fluency have definitively improved, although he still doesn’t read independently at home unless encouraged to do so. His writing/spelling has also come on not quite at the same rate but I’m sure in time this will follow. He told his teacher that his biggest achievement this year has been his spelling as he has tried his hardest! That really sums Harry up a real hard worker! I have been really proud of his application with easy read and how much it appears to have helped him out. I am just wondering what we do next!

Thanks to all the easy read team for your support throughout the last 18months, I will miss you!

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The scared feeling in my tummy is gone

When I started Easyread I felt frightened of doing reading and writing because of getting it wrong and because it was so difficult for me.
Then I started Easyread I really liked doing it every day as it helped me read and I liked doing it on the computer. The scared feeling in my tummy when I was trying to read before went away.
Now I feel like I have done really well, I can decode easier and I feel more confident now at school too.
I think easyread is excellent for children who are not confident with school tasks.
Thankyou David I think Easyread is the best !!
From Louie Age 7.

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Words seem inadequate to express thanks

Dear Sarah & co

Thank you very much for the enjoyable structured way in which you have helped my son to read confidently.

I am sure all your parents have struggled for years trying out various “reading systems” which promise the “moon & stars ” as far as reading is concerned. All this of course entails huge outlays of time & resources, for me it all ended up with no progress, tears from me & my son(s), & frustration which made me feel a total failure. “I was unable to teach my children how to read & their schoolwork suffered leading to more misery for all of us. ” I went to school a long time ago & could not remember how I learned to read & write!!

This is a plea for all parents out there who are struggling with their children with reading to try Easyread. For your part David & Sarah please publicise, advertise, Facebook etc etc Easyread to the world.

Words seem inadequate to express my gratitude but words are the only way to do this.
Thanks a million billion trillion times from the bottom of my left ventricle “heart”
Eternally grateful parent,

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