We are thrilled with Easyread

Hello Miss Sarah (and I like to include Mr. David, since he is a part of day!),

Just a little update since I think you asked about such things a week or two ago.

First off, we are thrilled with the material. We started the EasyRead system when four years of traditional phonics and the some whole language programs did not help our fourth child, a seven and half year old girl, learn to read. We’ve homeschooled all four children, with the older two now in university. The challenges that our daughter presented were perplexing to me, and the school district was not willing to provide services. A friend recommended a website that mentioned EasyRead and now here were are, 40 some lessons in and the progress she has made is so encouraging.

Two months ago, she wouldn’t pick up a pencil to write her name. Now she wants to record all sorts of things and sounds words out as she writes them. Two months ago, she could not consistently read words like “cat”, “sit” or “net”. Even though she knew what each sound was individually, she could not piece them together to make a word. And now she is doing that. She is able to read most of the problems in her math workbook, which is a huge accomplishment. She is becoming more secure in her reading/ decoding.

And her spelling is remarkable. The Funky Monkey Jungle … Game(sorry), is fantastic. I am so surprised that she can do this and her 9.5yr old sister watches over her shoulder on this part to learn her spelling:). I think she enjoys nearly all the games, and I appreciate the variety, with each one seeming to focus on one or two essentials for reading. The time necessary for each day is just about right and I try to take advantage of the extra games when we can.

The rewards are appropriately given and she is always so excited to earn them and then wait for it in the mail! Thank you for thinking of even this:)

As David says, “Well done! That’s it for today!”

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Famous Dyslexics: Mike Norris, Computacenter CEO

CEO Mike Norris runs Computacenter, Europe’s largest reseller of computing goods. He’s been an entrepreneur since his teenage years… and he has dyslexia.

mike_norrisNorris was born and raised in Essex. He struggled with literacy as soon as he started school. However, he was labeled as gifted in mathematics. Numbers came so naturally to him, but letters just didn’t make sense.

“I failed my 11+ test… I failed my English O-level on five occasions!” he said in an interview.

His headteacher sat his parents down and told them that Norris would never be able to go to university, and that they should prepare themselves for his failure. But they didn’t give up. Norris starting working with a tutor, who diagnosed the reading difficulty and worked a deal with the school for Norris to have extra time on exams.

He proved his critics wrong when he gained a place at university and graduated a few years later. It was there he discovered his ability with (and love for!) computers.

Norris was hired at a computing business right out of university and climbed his way through the ranks over the years. He now runs Computacenter, a massive business with a £1.9 billion pound annual turnover!

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Literacy Specialist for the Easyread System, an innovative online program for children with reading difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing issues and more. Get a free 10-day trial at www.easyreadsystem.com


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Easyread has changed our lives

What can I say. We love Easyread. It’s changed our lives because reading is now fun with our daughter. It’s changed our daughter’s perception of herself as a reader. There’s been challenging bits but generally it’s been a positive experience.

Easyread is fantastic. We were at a loss when our local school told us our daughter was in the normal zone but was going into the year below to do her phonics lesson as she was in the lower group. Her confidence was going and no amount of confidence building was working. Our daughter likes to win and she would say things like “I’m not good at reading”, “I’m not very clever”. I knew this not to be true – she was struggling now but she was labelling herself. We were heartbroken and lost as to what to do

Then a friend told us about Easyread. I was skeptical if I’m honest but immediately we saw a HUGE difference in her improvement.

Then it levelled off and some days it was marvellous and other days more challenging.

We’re now coming to the next level and our daughter is now confidently reading to us at night. She’s writing stories like “Harry Potter 9″ but most importantly she’s getting confident again.

Easyread is amazing. All children who find phonics difficult should get the opportunity to do Easyread. It works. It’s wonderful. It’s fun and it teaches that with a little bit of work every day you can succeed at anything.

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Bedtime Question Time!

What’s your children’s bedtime routine? Teeth-brushing, a story, and a cuddle before lights out?

public domain bedtimeI love this mother’s idea of question time every night.


She asks her toddler three simple questions at the end of the day:

  • What is something that made you smile today?
  • What is something that made you cry today?
  • What is something that you learned today?

What’s in your night-time routine?

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Literacy Specialist for the Easyread System, an online program for children with reading difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing problems or more at www.easyreadsystem.com

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