Famous Dyslexics: Actor and Funny Man Tim Conway

Tim Conway is best known for his role in the show McHale’s Navy and as a regular contributor to The Carol Burnett Show. He is also a touring comedian who specialises in clean, family-friendly humour – a rarity in the comedy world!

tim conwayHe’s recently penned a memoir in which he explains how being dyslexic as a child directly led to his fame as an adult.

He always struggled in school with his reading and spelling, and has strong memories of those times. Rather than getting angry and frustrated, he decided to become the class clown.

“I had dyslexia, and whenever I got up to read in class, everybody laughed at me,” Conway explained. “So I thought it was kind of funny to keep it going.”

He so enjoyed making his peers laugh in school, that he decided to try and make his living from comedy. He joked in a recent interview that he thought to himself: “I’ll just go downtown and read and have people laugh.”

His knack for comedy gained him starring roles in a number of 1960s sitcoms, and he is still active today on tour and as a guest star in shows like 30 Rock. At age 71, he even won an Emmy!

For a laugh, check out this recent review of his memoir, called What’s So Funny? My Hilarious Life. 

Do your struggling readers have a funny bone?

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Reading Specialist for Oxford Learning Solutions, publishers of the Easyread System. Easyread is a leading intervention software for children with reading difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing weakness, and more. www.easyreadsystem.com

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Big improvements – school has noticed!

Hi Sarah,

I spoke to Liam’s teacher this week. They re-ran a reading and spelling test with Liam which they had done May last. Last may Liam was testing well below average. This week his results showed to be just slightly below average. But with big and noticeable improvements being made. I am very pleased with the results and am hoping with continued use of easy read to bring Liam up to above average by year end. We haven’t been able to do much Easyread in the last two weeks as we had to unexpectedly travel to Germany due to a death in the family. But this weekend we will restart our daily lessons! I have passed on the Easyread link to the schools learner support department and they seemed very interested in looking at it more closely.

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He wrote me a note for the first time!

[after Lesson 6] He just sat here and wrote out a note to me. He was saying the word and then sounding it out…which trust me that is something he does not usually do. He rarely writes a note to begin with, let alone sit and sound out a word! He misspelt one word but otherwise the rest were all correct. “R” has always been a challenging sound for him – he often misses it in a word, then misses it writing that word. During the early days in Davis he would leave it out of words altogether. But with your picture – which he finds really amusing being snot and all – the r is really making sense for him! So well done on catering to a boy’s fascination! It’s working for him:)

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Does “dyslexia” exist for the Chinese language?

A recent article in The Economist analyzed what it might mean for a learner to be “dyslexic” when reading Chinese.


20140913_cnp501Hooray! Somebody writing sense about dyslexia.

The origins of reading difficulty vary very much. We identify eight for English readers, the most common of which is the Optilexia pattern. Chinese is read in a completely different way and creates quite different challenges.

Once you understand the underlying cause of difficulty for an individual, the solution is often quite simple to apply.

For more information or a free 10 day trial of Easyread to help resolve dyslexia, visit www.easyreadsystem.com

HagerPhoto_20120804_001_Final web (1)David Morgan is CEO and founder of the Easyread System, an innovative online course for highly visual learners, chronic guessers, dyslexics, children with auditory processing issues and more.

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Not just satisfied…STOKED!

Hey, I am not just satisfied, I am stoked. There is absolutely no question that Easyread is the sole reason we have stopped marvelling at James’ complete lack of reading progress when he is great at everything else. We have covered I think 42 lessons over about 10 weeks, doing it daily except when away on holidays or sick. The first 5 weeks were pretty hard but he has grasped the decoding principle and now never guesses. He has gone up 4 levels at school in a single term on easyread vs 3 levels for the entire preceding 6 months. It is very obvious that he is visual, now. If I hadn’t found this website God knows where we would be now. The characters are so logical and the whole system so brilliantly geared to short-attention span kids I think the person who wrote it is a genius. I can’t think of anything I would improve, frankly!

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Gone up 4 reading levels at school!

Thomas has just gone up 4 reading levels at school so I think the system has definitely helped Thomas decode words and see patterns in them. His fluency is a lot better and as a result his confidence has increased hugely! I love that the sessions are only 15 minutes a day and are FUN.

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Huge spelling improvement!

Yesterday Jeremiah wrote a little story about afield trip we took last week. i am excited to report that in 202 words he ONLY had 9 true misspellings. This is a huge improvement! He did use an electronic dictionary but only looked up a few words.
He is so proud of himself and I am one happy mom!

Thanks again for all your support!

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Helping self-esteem greatly

We are finding Easyread to be working for us really well. Joe is responsive to the lesson time (likes it short!) and the positive reinforcement. It is good he is finding success with reading as it helps his self esteem greatly. He often changes demeanour when he makes a mistake or stumbles over a word, and can need encouragement to stay positive and on task.

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Reading more confidently!

My daughter seems to be reading outside of the Easyread more confidently, seemingly without realizing that she is reading. During Easyread lessons she will read outloud but very quietly so hopefully in the next 6 weeks I will see her improve there also. Thanks so much love the short lessons by the way, she does them without any complaint!!

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This is “reading take off!”

We are so encouraged by Elijahs reading….I think we are experiencing “reading take off” as you have described. He is devouring Diary of a Wimpey Kid like there is no tomorrow and we now have a battle on our hands to get him to turn his light off. I think to date he is on his 3rd book I the series. Wonderful!

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