May i just take a minute to thank you all…

May i just take a minute to thank you all at easy read for designing this program. Freyja used to use education city, which she enjoyed, but she cannot wait to get on here and play the next lesson, she is so eager to play the next one but she has to wait till the next day, i can see a small change in her reading since starting this as we read her school reading books every day 2 -3 times, the characters which you introduced helps her with the words she is unsure of, she is sometimes guessing, but then i remind her of the promise she made on lesson 1 (promises not to guess words)

Anyway just want to say a thankyou again

We wanted to drop you a note…

We wanted to drop you a note to let you know of the progress Nick has made since starting the Easyread course .
We have recently been to parents evening when we met Nick’s new teacher for year 4.
His reading was discussed and we are delighted to find out that his reading age has improved from a level of 7 years 3 months when he was tested last May, to a level of 8 years 9 months after a recent test.
( His actual age is 8 years 11 months !)

We could already see the improvement in Nick’s reading ourselves but this simply clarifies it and we are delighted.
Nick still needs to work on his reading so we intend to carry on with the Easyread training every day and we hope that as he continues to improve and gains in confidence his interest will increase and his reading will go from strength to strength.

Many thanks to Easyread

He has gone up 2 stages of reading at school within the last 2 weeks.

He has gone up 2 stages of reading at school within the last 2 weeks.
His teachers are very impressed with his improvement and improved attitude to reading and learning and we are putting this solely down to Easyread . He actually wants to learn now and no longer cries when we say its reading time.
So thank you very much.

Hiya both my children are throughly enjoying the lessons …

Hiya both my children are throughly enjoying the lessons easy read are providing not only is it entertaining for them but also educational without them realising which is a good thing for my eleven year old who finds learning difficult and tends to shy away from all aspects of schooling but with easy read he sees it as a game.A big thankyou and very well done. They are both very exited now at the prospect of recieving a little gift which again was a very good idea as it has giving them the desire and inncentive to carry on learning.
I will be informing other parents and the school i work for about this site as i know that other children will benefit from this site as have my two children

James is doing really well. He has had enormous problems…

James is doing really well. He has had enormous problems being able to read and completely went off books. He is able to work out the letters very well with your system and certainly his confidence is beginning to return again. I think it will take him a long time but he is reading most days and the very fact that it is so short is very acceptable to him. Progress has definitely been made and he is obviously reading quite long words which were impossible six months ago.

Anyway, we much appreciate your reading scheme – it is changing James’ life which obviously means a great deal to us and him.

Thanks – Blaine has really improved…

Thanks – Blaine has really improved – he’s actually reading novels – which I never dreamed he would do! 
He’s probably reading at the level of a 12 year old (he’s 14) but I’ve asked his school to let me know if they have any concerns about his progress and they are going to give him extra help with his spelling.  I think with continued reading and help with his spelling he’ll soon catch up.
Thanks for all your help.

I wanted to let you know…

I wanted to let you know that for the first time in her life, my 9 year old daughter Megan chose to read a story to herself in bed last night. This may not seem like a huge achievement for anyone else but it really is in our home. She has never showed interest in reading before because she had such low self confidence and avoided anything to do with reading. Last night she asked to read Charlie Cooks favourite book to her brother and me and although she struggled she wanted to finish it and ended up taking it to bed to read to herself. The door to a reading world is opening up to her now and that door has always been closed so thank you once again and I look forward to her becoming a capable and confident reader with your programme.

Alex says easyread is brilliant, it is really helping him to improve.

Alex says easyread is brilliant, it is really helping him to improve. I have seen a huge difference in his confidence, I think that before Alexander had pretty much given up on the entire reading thing. He now has new self belief, he knows that he can do it. He is the fourth of my children with reading delays, and I am amazed that I had not noticed what a huge problem the “guessing” thing is. We like the simplified sound symbols, we’ve got northern accents so have had a few laughs with posh ar sounds as in carstle, we couldn’t understand what the ark was doing in there at first, but Alex knows to talk southern like his Dad now. Anyway Alex has been very patient with me but wants to get on with his lesson.
Regards Karon
ps the reward system is a winner.