Easyread has certainly been a success for Amelia!

“We have really noticed a difference in Amelia’s reading and spelling. She is more confident now and reads with greater speed and accuracy. She still needs to slow down with her spelling, but it is much better now and she can spot her own errors. So big thanks to Easyread – it’s certainly been a success for her!


11 year-old Amelia finishes the course after 160 lessons. Way to go Amelia!

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Easyread is a miracle!

I am really pleased with the Easyread program. We are at lesson 50 and my son still has fun with the lessons and looks forward to completing them. He has gone from frustrated and crying through almost any reading session to being eager to read and saying things like “I am a really good reader!” Which is incredible compared to his defeated attitude only 3-4months ago. Easyread is a miracle and I am so glad I stumbled upon the program!!

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Jacob is amazing and reading!

“Just as I had predicted, Easyread helped Jacob to become an excellent reader. I think at this point, we will no longer use Oxford Learning Solutions, simply because-Jacob is amazing and reading! Seriously, crushing it-thanks to Easyread. He just finished Odysseus and the Cyclops! Drop the Mic-Boom!!!!”
5 year-old Jacob, take a bow!
In case you missed it, here is the awesome video Jacob and his siblings made on his Easyread journey > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HapwtHsBkI
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Great for an incredibly visual learner

Frankie is an incredibly visual learner and this method gives her a fun and tangible image to associate with each sound. She likes that and it is working very well. Frankie very much looks forward to her time doing Easyread. She finds the lessons enjoyable, fun, and easy. It has been a very positive experience.

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Secret agent Jade is taking her reading training VERY seriously

“So far things are all good from this end. We’re seeing more confidence in trying to read both within Easyread program and any reading outside the program. Jade [11] also has no qualms to start on her daily Easyread lessons.

She is also very content with her special present: the magnifying glass with light and blue light. It came in handy – they have just released a new $5 AUD bill, which has a minuscule, in millimetres written declaration in to make it more fraud proof and can not be read with the naked eye. She got her magnifying glass out and read and spelled through the whole declaration ( with minimal assistance). So that was a great achievement and confidence booster.”

Jade’s mum

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Seeing attitude changes in first 10 days…

The initial words and work seemed almost too easy to me in the beginning. However, I understand the point to it in building confidence. Charlie’s attitude towards reading is beginning to change and this has made me the happiest in the initial trial. All we have tried in the past is to make him read. This has resulted in screaming, crying fights. He asks to do Easyread.

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15 minutes a day > hours of reading intervention at school…

Noah does find the reading text easier now than the decoding, this is certainly true for this sister Nevaeh. Noah has not yet developed fluently of reading as of yet but we are working hard to develop those skills by using all the suggestions you are giving us. He rereads all of the texts when there is obvious choppiness and mistakes. He is still struggling but Easy Read has truly made a remarkable difference, its a shame that his previous teachers have spent months and several hours teaching him to read with little to no progress and with just the course of the summer and 15 minutes per day the children are only now developing into competent readers. Thanks again for helping us, we will be staying with easy read until they are able to reach the level of their peers.

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I am close to tears (of joy, of course)…

“Thanks Maddie. Sasha is really excited about the fact that she is almost finished. She’s really been enjoying the lessons and I am close to tears (of joy, of course) when I see her decoding big complicated words. It’s phenomenal.”

A happy mother-daughter team and a happy Easyread team at lesson 200

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He’s turned a corner!!

Robbie seems to have turned a corner!! He is suddenly reading much more fluently and starting to recognize words correctly that he hasn’t seen before. He still try’s to guess sometimes, but is easy to re-direct. He has gotten 100% on his first to spelling tests at school as well. He is starting to move through the trainer text very quickly and might be ready for a little longer text? Things are going so well…

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Thank you for being there in our time of need

6 year-old Kaitlyn has finished the Easyread programme at lesson 125. It’s been a whirlwind adventure. Here’s what her mum has to say:

“We would like to thank you for the Easyread program and all the support you have given us and Kaitlyn over the past 5 months. Kaitlyn is now a confident reader and writer. She is at the top reading level for her school year and loves reading and writing. She also received a special award at school last week.

We have chosen to stop Easyread as Kaitlyn is now very keen to read books where she can enjoy the whole story.

Thank you for being there in our time of need!! We are so grateful that our little girl will never know she was ever behind in reading.

It’s been a great journey for all of us!”

Kaitlyn’s mum followed up with this message a few days later:

“A month or so ago Kaitlyn came running in to my room one Saturday morning super exited and said ‘Mum, look, I can read this book, look how much I’ve read’. That was a really special moment for us. The photo was taken the same morning, not long after she realised she could read it.”


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