An update on our Virgin Media Business Awards campaign

Hi everybody!

Thanks so much for all your votes and shares and pledges so far – it means the world to us.

As it stands, we are at 275th in the start-up leadership board. We need to get into the top 80 and still be there by 11:59pm GMT on Monday the 23rd May.

It seems like a long stretch, but we haven’t given up hope yet! If you were each able to vote and rope in a few friends (or ten!) we’d have a good chance at making it through to the first round of pitching our free learn-to-read app to the panel.

We’ve also entered the Crowdfunder category, and are raising money to help continue to fund the production of Peasyread, and start testing to make sure we make reading as easy and quick for first-time readers.

If we reached the top 5 in the Crowdfunder category, we could be up for receiving a donation from Crowdfunder itself, which would be invaluable in our quest to deliver an accessible app that offers a way for every child to learn to read.

We’ve got some really fun rewards for your pledges, like an Ape in a Cape mug for your morning coffee, and a scavenger hunt around Oxford with the Oxford Learning Solutions team (which we’re super excited about!), using our fun Trainertext characters as clues, followed by a picnic in the university parks.

Thank you for all your support with Easyread, and if you could support Peasyread in whatever way you can, we would be forever grateful.

Love Maddie and all the team at Oxford Learning Solutions

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Please support project Peasyread

As some of you have seen, we have been trialling some new games with our Easyread secret agents. Their feedback has been incredible, and we’re confident that we’re onto a winning prototype for a learn-to-read app, so that every child has the best possible start to reading.

We’re entered our app idea, Peasyread, into the Virgin Media Business Awards. To increase our chances of getting to the final, and pitching Trainertext as the way for every child to learn to read to Sir Richard Branson himself, we need your vote.

If you have a moment, please could you vote on our project page here.  And if you could even share it with just one friend, you have the power to increase our position in the leader board by a significant amount.

Thank you all for all your continued support and helping our small business grow.

Maddie and all the team at Oxford Learning Solutions



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With Easyread she has advanced a grade level and some in 2 months

“I have some good news! Last time Emily got tested in reading was on 1/21/16 and she was reading on 1st grade level, second quarter.

She just got tested again, on 4/29, and she is now on 2nd grade level, last quarter.

I truly believe that Easyread can take all credit for this.

Before we started Easyread Emily advanced from 1st grade level, first quarter to 1st grade level, second quarter for the first half of the school year. With Easyread she has advanced a grade level and some in 2 months.

I am confident that in a few more weeks she will be on 3rd grade level. Thank you guys.

Easyread is worth every penny.”

9 year-old Emily is already moving up the reading levels at lesson 63, go Emily go!

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We have to tell him to put the light out at night

“When we started Rory’s reading was very poor.

He hated reading, made continual mistakes and was very reluctant to read at all.

Now he’ll nestle up on his bed and read his novel voluntarily. We have to tell him to put the light out at night, as he wants to read ‘just one more page’.

Recently I picked up his book in the morning, and he’d read five chapters of How to be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell after I said good night.

His reading is now fairly fluent, and he can sound out unknown words. This is a true delight for us, and we’re certain that Easyread has been the main ingredient in this success.”

An amazing result for 7 year-old Rory as he nears the end of the course.

We love to hear your success stories! It’s why we do what we do every day.

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If not for this program I don’t know that he would be reading yet at almost 8

“He is not fluent yet but he is finally to the point where he is not frustrated with my help because he has the basics down.

If not for this program I don’t know that he would be reading yet at almost 8.

Thank you all for everything you’ve done and we will be forever grateful for being able to help him read!”

Finishing up at lesson 120. We look forward to hearing how Billy’s decoding and fluency continues to improve post-Easyread, with the books he is now happier to give a go.

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Positive praise encourages growth mindset in the classroom

Here at Oxford Learning Solutions, you know we are ALL about the positive praise.

“Excellent”, “great job” and “keep up the great work, secret agent”.

5 positives to 1 negative phrase may seem like an unnaturally high ratio of praise for a child, but it sure is successful in building their shattered confidence back up, one high five at a time.

So it’s great to see teachers like Hannah Lester, @keeponteeping, are thinking outside the box when it comes to giving students targets in their school reports, in order to achieve a growth mindset for each and every one of her pupils.

Lester is replacing all use of modal verbs and indefinite pronouns like “Must/Should/Could or All/Most/Some” as she says that “there are some fatal flaws in these specific wordings. Lazy students will only ever strive to complete the basic Must/All. Could/Some creates a ceiling for those students with low self esteem, who don’t believe they can reach for the stars.”

Lester introduced the new technique of 3 levels of positivity: Good, Great, Awesome, to inspire all achievers.

“I implemented this strategy quickly and personally added in an overarching learning objective, so students could see each stage of G/G/F as building blocks. I coloured coded them, as is common, and occasionally colour coordinate to grades or tasks.

I found these words helps maintain students positive attitudes and embedded this positivity for learning in their lesson. It also helped intrinsically motivate them to strive to do better and reach that “Fantastic”. After all, who doesn’t want to be fantastic?” (



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His fluency is already improving at lesson 45

“So far this program is working nicely for Theo.

He is having a bit of difficulty with the rhyming section but otherwise coming right along and even using decoding when reading books with me at night.

I like the short daily routine. He can focus for that length of time and has wanted to do this almost every day.

He loves the codeword/prize part of it and it motivates him quite a bit.

His fluency is already improving.

Thanks very much and we are most satisfied so far.”

8 year-old Theo’s mum at lesson 45

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