Dyslexia and Visual-Spatial Super Abilities

A recent study by a researcher at the University of Tuzla found a link between children with reading difficulties and being a gifted visual-spatial learner.

In one test, children were asked to do a mental ‘paper-folding’ exercise that involved significant rotation of a 3-D object only using their minds. The children with a dyslexia diagnosis surpassed their non-dyslexic peers at this kind of higher level mental challenge.

These visual-spatial skills are exactly why Easyread uses Trainertext to teach reading to struggling learners. Our graphic and entertaining characters that represent phonics sounds appeal to children who have a strong visual learning style but a weak grasp of phonetics.


For more on the study, see:


DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is Programme Manager for the Easyread System, an online course for children struggling with reading, spelling, dyslexia, auditory processing issues and more. Get a free trial at www.oxfordlearningsolutions.com

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William Read Two Books in Two Days

William has just finished Easyread. His reading has definitely improved and just yesterday he took himself to the school library at lunchtime and started reading a Zac Power book by himself. He finished it last night at home and read another one today. I am really hoping that he just takes off and reads more books from here.

We managed to do a lesson almost every day over the past 6 months – there was some reluctance at times but he enjoyed most of it and the odd bribe of sweets helped at other times. He is often reading the easy read characters faster than I am now, and his decoding ability is so much better.

I think it has definitely helped him – he did start aged 8 and a half years and was able to read at school but was progressing slowly and was very reluctant to read. He is still aware that he doesn’t read as well as a number of boys in his class but he is now much happier to get on with his school homework reading. There has also been a definite improvement in the fluency and speed of his reading over the past 6 months. His spelling is improved and his teacher says he is writing more and faster in class too.

Thank you for your help

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Your company has such exemplary customer service & genuine care

D has enjoyed the lessons much more [since switching to the easier reads] and has commented on how short and easy they are:-)

I can’t thank you enough for your suggestions and help. Also, thank you for following up with us; your company has such exemplary customer service and genuine care.

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Mummy, I’m going to do Easyread with my kids

F and I are getting very excited that we have less than a week of lessons left! We can’t thank you enough for your help and support along the way. The progress in F’s reading and enthusiasm is a pleasure to see. Just tonight he said “Mummy, I’m going to do Easyread with my kids. It’s helped me so much” We’re no longer crying over reading, neither of us are frustrated and we have enjoyed the whole process. The tears, the tantrums (and they were just mine) every time we picked up a book are a thing of the past. Thank you for making the whole process so much fun.

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Getting the results I hoped for

I just wanted to say that M is coming along really well. She is happier now to do the lessons and I can see a great improvement in her reading. She’s trying to decode when faced with an unknown word and after the eye tracking sessions it’s also much easier for her to see the text. So thankyou, I feel that we’re getting the results that I hoped for and plan to continue on with the program.

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Recent Easyread changes are brilliant

Hi, Jessica went back to Easyread today after completing the course a quite a while ago. Her brother has been doing Easyread through school and she asked if she could return to it when she saw the changes to the system. He has loved the new games especially ‘Mole Whacker’ and ‘Car Spell’ and ‘Gloop and his enthusiasm to do his Easyread has rubbed off. She got stuck in! Brilliant! Whilst her accuracy and fluency has got much better, consistency and pace are still an issue for Jess but she is so creative and loves her books so the recent changes are brilliant for her. It’s really positive and exciting.

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His teacher doesn’t believe that he ever struggled with reading!

It as been a while since we logged on. Firstly I can’t tell you how pleased and grateful I am. Andrew is now over 1 year ahead in English and is leaving primary school having had the best year ever. His current teacher doesn’t believe me that he ever had dyslexia or any problems with reading. I have forwarded your details to a number of people.

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Famous Dyslexics: Author of Cedar Cove, Debbie Macomber

Author of over 100 books of fiction, Debbie Macomber has a new claim to fame… Hallmark has recently adapted her Cedar Cove series into a TV serial drama starring Andie Macdowell.


Things didn’t always come so easily for Macomber. She couldn’t read until the age of 10 due to her dyslexia, and always struggled in school. But she kept her passion for storytelling alive despite her reading and writing difficulties — and, 10 years later as a mother of 4 children, she’d set aside 2 hours every day to get ideas down on paper, no matter how busy life felt.

Like many new authors, she faced rejection after rejection from publishers, until one day she got a lucky break. A publisher who had already rejected her work once came back with the word she’d be waiting for… “yes”!

And with that, she was off. To date, Macomber has 136 books to her name, and she’s still going strong!

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is Program Manager for the Easyread System, an online course for children struggling with reading, spelling, dyslexia, and related issues. Get a 10-day free trial at www.oxfordlearningsolutions.com

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