Let me tell you about Easyread, by Henry

Hi David and Sarah
Let me tell you about Easyread. You have been helping me all the way through Easyread thank you for that. I have learnt so much in the last couple of months. I hope you can teach other children to read just like me because I am so good at reading now. I hope some other children around the world or the UK read just like me.

You have helped me so far I am very happy that you have taught through the lessons. Thank you very much for teaching me all the days, months and hours you have put in for my reading.

when I started I couldn’t decode very well and now I can decode words quiet fast. I loved every second of doing this Easyread even when I said I didn’t want to do it. From the start it felt like there were too many hard words in Easyead. At first i could hardly read books and now i can read some hard words, i can decode and i just really love picking up a book and starting to read it.

It feels great to pick up a book and start reading. At first i would give myself 1.5 out of ten for reading now i would give myself 7 out of ten.
From Henry

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I feel like a whole new speller!

Hey David :)
Its Tori here, I would just like to say easy spell has helped me so so so much. I have just started my new school Lavant House in chichester, and am so, relieved that I can spell much better, because i honestly was a little worried, about being at the bottom.
I now feel like like a whole new speller thanks to you xxxx
I aIso just wanted to ask this MAY sound rude and I’m sorry if it does but, when will my next prize come.
Its only because i have only had one this whole project and at the end cross my finger now for one. So i was just hoping it would be soon HINT HINT.
Thankyou for all you have done for me and grace we both being besties have gone through it together and couldn’t thank you more.


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Getting in Those Greens!

I’m guessing just about every Easyread blog reader wishes they could get more greens into their child’s diet. A recent blog post from the superb child nutrition website, http://www.superhealthykids.com, showed a novel (and sneaky!) way to introduce those valuable phytonutrients…

Kids_harvesting_kaleAnd, as an added bonus, the kids can help you put together this little trick.

Intrigued yet?

Check it out: http://www.superhealthykids.com/blog/diy-super-greens-powder.php

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Reading Specialist for the Easyread System, an online synthetic phonics program specially designed for struggling readers with highly visual learning styles, dyslexia, auditory process weakness, and more. Get 10 lessons free at www.easyreadsystem.com.

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Confident with your helping hands!

Welcome back. Did you have a nice holiday? I think David will be very glad to have you back. Yes the glasses are very exciting for us. Still feeling a bit guilty though that it has taken me 2 years to get them sorted. Thank God for David’s Easyread. Jay really never complained about his eyes. He just misbehaved and wouldn’t focus :( ( ouch!

I had taken him to other assessments but apparently they were just not qualified to diagnose the problem. It is a pity there is so much out there and so much mysticism about reading problems! Arrgh..

It is amazing how much more confident I am feeling with your helping hands.

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Big change

I know it’s working. Last night she read an early reader book that we were struggling through 12 months ago. The text is very unpredictable and doesn’t easily allow guessing. She read it quietly to herself, and then aloud to me. Whenever it “tricked” her and she realized it didn’t say what she expected, she immediately reverted to blending with no prompting from me. This is a big change. She use to just look at me and say “I don’t know that one.”

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Caught up to his peers!

Hi, even though it is early days we are definitely seeing progress with Jordan’s reading – he has gone up 3 levels in reading in the classroom since he started the program and actually skipped one level because he was catching up to his peers so quickly.

We did also find out that he needed to wear reading glasses at this time which of course also helped but this program has most definitely boosted his reading confidence. He is now just slightly behind what is expected of him in his reading for his age and is now on par with quite a few other kids in his class which is also helping to boost his confidence.

Starting this program whilst he was still in Kindergarten, whilst he definitely has found it much harder than his 7 year old brother, it has also meant that he is able to catch up to the reading level of his peers a lot quicker and I can definitely see that by the end of the year Jordan should be at the reading level that is expected of him.

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Something awesome happened on Sunday…

Sarah and David,
I just wanted to let you know about something awesome that happened to Nathan on Sunday. He started back to his Sunday school lessons at our church and they have the kids take turns reading the lessons out loud. Nathan normally asks to be skipped and the teachers have obliged him and skipped him. He told his father and I yesterday that he actually raised his hand to read and read well. We asked him why and he said that his friend Ben had raised his hand and he wanted to be like Ben. He is definitely feeling more confident and we are so grateful to Easyread for giving him that confidence!!!
Bless you and your good work!

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