I’m on cloud 9!

Hi – I wanted to send a quick note. I noticed last week that during our nightly reading together, reading had suddenly become easier to her, and she is able to sound out long multi-syllable words. I asked her teacher (primary 5) if she was seeing progress during school also. The teacher responded that Anna’s confidence has taken a big leap in the positive direction, she is participating in group discussions more, reading alound with expression, self correcting during reading, and recognizing punctuation with reading aloud. The teacher gave her the weekly class prize, and said she really enjoyed Anna’s in-class reading exercise.

So, bottom line – we’ve turned a long, hard corner!!!! As a parent, I’m on cloud 9, but I can see Anna is on cloud 10!

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Famous Dyslexics: Songwriter Marc Jordan

You may not know Marc Jordan by name, but I bet you know him by song. He’s written hit tracks for Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Cher, and others, and is still composing and touring today.

And he has severe dyslexia.


He struggled to show his natural intelligence as a child because his brain did not conform to the school standards of ability.

In a recent article, the struggles he endured as a child were described as painful and shaming.

“He had a guidance counsellor who told him he had the intelligence “of a spider monkey” and he was constantly streamed into programs for low achieving students.

‘It was embarrassing, shameful. I had to develop all of these strategies,’ he says, citing his ability to memorize his piano teachers’ movements and recreate the music without being able to read the notes on the page.”

It took until university for him to fall in love with music and follow his passion to California where he found fame.

But he didn’t find a name for his reading difficulties – which continue to the present day – until his daughter was diagnosed.

His take-away message? He believes that now the right help is available, and he encourages parents to see themselves as advocates for their children.

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is a Literacy Specialist for the Easyread System, an online course for children with reading difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing weakness and more. Get a free 10-Lesson Trial at www.easyreadsystem.com

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I read books all the time now!

Hi – this is Maia, the course was sometimes tricky, but I got the words after sounding them out. The trainer text was a little hard but I liked it because it helped me read better. My favorite game was Letter Quest and my favorite story was Grace’s House. I read books all the time now and I love reading.

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A marked improvement already

We enrolled C in Easyread for the decoding. While we found that his ability to read (by developing an impressive sight word vocabulary) was coming along fine, his ability to sound out even a simple word had actually worsened over the past 6 months. In addition, his ability to spell was non-existent.

Although improvements may not be expected with the Easyread system for many months, we have noted a marked improvement already. Thanks for everything.

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I’m a better reader and speller!

Dear David,
This is to let you know that Easyread has helped me to become a better reader and speller. My reading has improved so much that I am almost up to grade level. I have enjoyed the lessons and games, especially letter quest. My sister, Jill is now using Easyread. I hope it helps her as much as it has helped me.

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