Definitely recommend Easyread

Aidan has come on really well with Easyread. Although he has had his ups and downs with reading, he is now really motivated to do the lessons and he has spontaneously started reading food boxes, signs and picking up books on his own. He is proud of his achievements done with the Easyread program. The program has created a structure for us to keep at it and it is so much more interesting than books alone (particularly at this early stage). He loves the games. I have been amazed at his spelling ability, which we could not have known from his school writing exercises. We will definitely keep going all the way to the end. I really appreciate how it keeps us organised and on task. The help is perfect for us, not too much, not too little. I would definitely recommend easy read for any child learning to read.
Thank you!!

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Leaps and bounds

Aidan has come on leaps and bounds recently. A few weeks ago, he seemed to have a set back. I think it had something to do with a friend of his who was comparing their reading. But he seems to have gotten past that and is very motivated to read again and do the easy read lessons. He is spontaneously trying to read out on the street and boxes of food etc.
He doesn’t resist the eye tracking either. So all in all I think things are going extremely well.

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Starting to read signs!

H is now reading simple books by herself and is trying to decode more complex words as well. I tend not to notice day-to-day that things have changed, but she will suddenly read a word or a sign and then I realise just how much she has learned! For example, last weekend, we were driving and as we approached a roundabout, there was a small sign on one corner. It said, “Winter Obstacle Mud Race” and she just blurted it out. It took me a second to process that she had just read it and announced it to us!

Thus far, I think she is humming along pretty well. She is motivated to read a bit more on her own and is even beginning to read things to her 2yo brother more often, which is really nice for both of them. She is also writing lists for shopping trips, so it is transferring to her spelling too. The main thing is that she is no longer deathly afraid of trying to read and write – that is a huge change for her from even 6 months ago.

Separately, C is also making progress. He is not as advanced as H in his reading but is also attempting reading and spelling quite complex words. Minecraft and other games are helping his motivation level! Presently, his reading is ahead of his spelling, but yesterday he spelt, “detonashon” when he made a sign on Minecraft. Totally phonetic, but easily understood, so he is getting the idea of sounds and where they fit in a word. I expect the rest will come as he reads more.

- H (at Lesson 98) and C (at Lesson 102)

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6 weeks on…

A has responded very positively to Easyread from the start and still, 6 weeks on, always looks forward to doing his daily lesson (as do I!).

When I did have some concerns, your phone conversation with A and I got us back on track again.

A’s reading and spelling definitely continue to improve since we started Easyread and we look forward to seeing more of that improvement.

Thank you.

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Only positive things to say

We only have positive things to say about Easyread. J wouldn’t do any extra reading prior to starting Easyread, now he is starting to read labels and sign posts by himself which is wonderful. J is enjoying it. He is able to decode the words nicely. He also enjoys the games and of cause receiving the prizes! We can see that his school work has started improving as well.

Can’t wait to see him take off with his reading!!

Thanks Easyread!!!

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I absolutely loved it…

I absolutely loved it. All the games and the decoding has helped me to sound out words a lot easier. I think there was about the right amount each day. The spellrace has encouraged me to type quicker – before I could only type 1 letter every 10 seconds. Now I can type a letter per 5 seconds.

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We are thrilled

Just to let you know, we are thrilled with A’s reading, although he is still a little behind his class mates, his attitude is transformed.
He is happy to do his easy read lessons, happy to read in class with his teacher and happy to read to us at home. Instead of random guessing he tries hard to break down and sound out his words. Just so much better.
P.S we took our laptop to school early this morning for his teacher to watch him do his lesson :)

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