Easyread has become a part of daily life

What a wonderful message to receive from 8 year-old Corin’s mum. Corin is about a month away from finishing the main part of the course:

“Just thought I’d give you a bit of an update…

Easyread is ticking along nicely, I would say. Corin is still enjoying it [at lesson 194!] – it’s just become part of daily life, really. His reading is still improving. He’s reading Ungar at the moment and I’m pleased that he’s still engaged with the story, despite it being the longest he’s read so far. He loves the reading statistics (he loves his maths 🙂 and working out how many pages make how many percent etc. I think at this stage it’s nice to see that his reading speed is improving as well as his accuracy.

Last week, they did a reading test in class (not SATs as he’s in year 3, just an internal assessment, but with standardised tests). As he was off school, but feeling reasonably well, we did it at home. After a bit of a wobbly start (Corin took about 30 mins to complete one of three sections and got very worried that he was taking too long – we took a time out to talk about “test tactics” and when he went back to it, he really concentrated on the rest of the test. After 1 hour he had done two sections and only needed another 20 mins for the remainder. And this was a Year 3 test! I’ve only flicked through his answers, so I don’t know his final score, but what I saw looked good, so I think he will score reasonably high. And most important of all, in the end, he felt quite proud that he’d managed to get through it. It was more about the unfamiliarity of the testing method that was hard for him, rather than the reading and questions themselves. The fact that he worked through a Year 3 test and in the end felt he did alright really gave him a boost.

Spelling is improving – I think – very very slowly. I think Spell Drive is really good and I have a feeling it is very slowly seeping into writing outside of Easyread. I was quite surprised that in the last Writing Lab, Corin spelled every word correctly.

In other news, after having finished the Harry Potter series (read by Dad), Corin has now started reading the first book on his own. He loves the story and I think, because he knows the story, he has the feeling that he can manage the reading, too. His added incentive is that his dad has started reading the German version – and he’s much slower than Corin 🙂

Sorry, waffling a bit now… I just wanted to add a bit of context to what can be seen on the stats in Easyread…”

We love to receive these kinds of messages, particularly the “waffle” of all the great stuff that’s happening for our secret agents. Well done Corin!

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I was surprised when her English teacher wrote that her reading has improved

Amazing progress for 10 yo Elissa, and at lesson 65!

“Thanks for the update. Elissa’s reading has improved already. I received her school report last week and was surprised when her English teacher wrote that her reading has improved. She is reading more fluently and is self correcting more often when reading aloud. She is also increasingly able to identify misspelt words in her writing.

I look forward to the additional progress in the coming 20 lessons. Thanks to all at Easyread. I only wish I had found you earlier.”

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Tech gives the quietest student a voice


Some may argue that technology corrupts the traditional method of teaching. However, perhaps we can view it as an innovative way of engaging children that struggle in a classroom setting. Those that cannot keep up with the work, can get intimidated by the ‘high-flyers’ who receive the top marks in their class. By giving a child access to technology, it can motivate them to acquire new skills and also increase their knowledge!

A game that is fun and educational for a child can prove a lot more successful in growing their confidence, than repeated spelling tests that are a persistent struggle.

Some of Easyread’s success stories:

“I am very pleased with Easyread! I am amazed at how much my daughter’s confidence is already improving.” 

I am thrilled that she is getting her confidence back.”

“Something that I have learnt as a parent through Easyread is to affirm my children’s success so much more and it is having a great effect in our home.”

– This post was written by Fran Carasco, who joined us for a week’s work experience. Well done Fran!

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I wanted to let you know that you make a great job of making reading SUPERRRRRRR!!!!! fun

A message from 9 year-old Anne:

“Hi there. I was thinking since you make Easy Read SO!!!!!! fun that I’m sure you could make a great Easy Math program. I also wanted to let you know that you make a great job of making it SUPERRRRRRR!!!!! fun. Anne”

We would LOVE to create a maths programme to help struggling mathematicians too. It’s all in the pipeline…

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Case Study: Attention issues can’t hold Ian back!

FullSizeRenderBefore Easyread || When I realized Ian was not progressing in reading, I knew to contact Easyread because his sister completed the program two years ago. Both he and his sister have attention issues, so Easyread’s short daily lessons are perfect for their attention spans. I witnessed a complete turnaround from the stressed boy saying, “I just can’t read this” before Easyread. At school, Ian would cry almost everyday during his reading group and he strongly disliked reading to me at home (tears and tantrums!).

The Easyread Process || The easiest part of coaching both of my children through Easyread is the program itself. The lessons and games are fun and engaging. I love the library of books that has been added since my daughter completed the program. It is so nice to have book choices for different personalities.

The hardest part of Easyread may be pushing through the lessons after the novelty wears off for your child. We began doing lessons daily, until my little negotiator Ian decided he needed a break on every zero lesson (50, 60, 70, etc.). Eventually, Ian and I began doing Easyread Sunday – Thursday, skipping on Friday and Saturday, as he completed his school year. With Ian I also had to give him high-five praise more than verbal praise because the verbal praise broke his concentration.

Results || In mid-January, Ian was on D level for classroom reading. He had ended his kindergarten year on C level, so he had only progressed one level in a full semester of first grade without Easyread. His school’s goal for the end of first grade is J level. But at Ian’s last evaluation in mid-May, he was reading on I level (and almost passed his J level!). His teacher was amazed at how he progressed after we began Easyread at home.

Easyread has made Ian believe he is a reader. He wants to decode the words himself and gets frustrated if I help him!

I view reading not only as essential for learning, but also something I want my children to enjoy for life. Easyread has helped both of my children reach goals to help them feel more confident at school and home. Ian’s sister now reads 200+ page books and I have to tell her to stop reading and go to bed. I frequently tell parents and teachers about Easyread because I have witnessed the program’s effectiveness twice!

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Filled with gratitude for your support

I am writing this to let you know that Andrew will be finishing up his subscription with EasyRead at the end of the next billing cycle. However, I wanted to take some time to thank you all very much for having a program like this that helped him out tremendously. We are filled with gratitude for your continuous support throughout our membership.

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So wonderful for Ian…

Easyread has been so wonderful for Ian and I am well pleased with the results I have seen. He recently told me that he wants to be like his sister and read his books at night before bed. He actually gets irritated with me if I offer too much help when he is decoding! He says, “I was still working on it.”

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i can now tell the difference between how and who

A message from 9 year-old Meiyi who has now finished Easyread:

“Thank you for every thing you have done I have really enjoyed everything. My favourite games were spell drive and fighter mission.

I like all your books in the reading section and my reading has really improved ! My spelling also has improved and i can now tell the difference between how and who . I love all your updates especially on fighter mission as now i could challenge myself and now I have compared myself and think i have improved. I have had tough times but have always got through them.

thank you


We love getting messages from our secret agents at the end of the course because we know what a journey it’s been to get them to the point of writing that message. Congratulations from all of us, Meiyi! We know you’re going to go on to do great things.

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