More confident reader now!

We feel Aidyn has come along way in almost two months, and has achieved what we had hoped, he’s a more confident reader and his tutor has even said he does not need to continue his tutoring any further either.
Heading into secondary school next year we are trying to get him into the habit of being more independent with his reading by getting more into novels.
We are very grateful for all your help and constant contact with us, we will be sure to recommend Easyread to others.

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She is automatically decoding now!

With regards to the programme so far, S is still enjoying it and doesn’t complain about doing Easyread at all which is a very good start. I think being on the computer is a big attraction for her and she has now got into a rhythm with reading the text and doing the games, so I don’t have to ask her to reread the text, she does it automatically. She is also automatically decoding, even when she knows the word and I have checked with her that she is reading the text and not the pictures, and believe that she is because she will often get the initial sound wrong on certain words such as ode (saying odd first) before looking at the picture and correcting herself. So her speed at reading has also noticeably picked up. Instead of saying “I don’t know it” or “I can’t do it” etc she is now just trying and doing really well with it.

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Famous Dyslexics: Everton striker Steven Naismith

Steven Naismith is a Scottish footballer who plays for the English Premier League club Everton in Liverpool. In a recent interview, he opened up about his childhood struggles with dyslexia and how they contributed to his success.


Naismith was born and raised in Ayreshire (Scotland) in a tiny community of just 6,500 people. He struggled with reading and writing in school, and it had a huge impact on him. He remembers vividly the fear of knowing it would be his turn to read soon, and scrambling to try to predict what would be on his page before the class got there.

“I didn’t think I was thick. I thought I was slow. I thought, ‘How am I not getting this?’ I could cover it well, though. I was only exposed in tests. I could deflect attention from my problem. I could get out of situations. I was always thinking, always looking at how to solve problems before they overwhelmed me.”

That problem solving nature has helped him in his football career, where he is constantly having to make quick decisions about where to pass the ball, or when to shoot it.

He is now an ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland… alongside with scoring goals for Everton, of course!

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is Programme Training Manager the Easyread System, an online course for children struggling with reading, spelling, dyslexia, auditory processing issues and more. Get a free 10-lesson trial from 

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Case Study: 19-year-old autistic non reader…

Before Easyread

Liam was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and learning difficulties at 4 years old. He was in a special education setting for years until he left school at age 18 without being able to read anything except his own name. His mother tried many other reading programmes like Toe by Toe — and the school also struggled to teach Liam in a way that appealed to him.

During Easyread

Liam started off very well with Easyread. He was committed to doing the programme every day and was pleased to see himself improve. Some of the Easyread reward gifts were geared towards younger kids, but he realised that the course was not designed for people his age. During his time on the course, he read his first whole book at age 19!

After Easyread

Liam turns 20 this year, and having finished Easyread is now getting into his first adult fiction book - A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. For the first time, his mum feels confident that Liam will go from strength to strength!

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Found a book by the side of her bed!

Her reading seems to be leaps and bounds better than ever before. She is sailing through the Ungar story. Her confidence is building too.

On a side note, this week, on two occasions, I have found a book by the side of Anna’s bed in the morning, meaning she actually picked up a book and did some reading after tucking her in!! Okay – I must admit one was a recipe in an American Girl book on how to make sugar crystal candy, but today’s was an easy chapter book, but her bookmark was on Chapter 2!!! She has never taken the action to read independently before.

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Couldn’t be happier with the results

We feel the Easyread program and Hayden have reached their goals. This program has helped our son greatly and his success is due to his hard work and this program. When we researched different programs and assistance with reading, this program matched our son on every level, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We now feel its time to end our time with the program but it comes highly recommend to all in need. thank you again for your help.

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Famous Dyslexics: England Rugby Captain Chris Robshaw

Athlete Chris Robshaw is the 29-year-old captain of the England national rugby team, and is known for his quiet leadership on and off the pitch. And he has dyslexia.


The middle child of three boisterous boys, tragedy struck the family early on when his father died unexpectedly of a heart attack when Chris was only five years old. At the time, he was at the beginning of his academic life, and struggling with dyslexia.

He remembers dreading being asked to read aloud in class, and he looked to sport as an escape from the pressures in the classroom.

He was eventually accepted into the Millfield school in Glastonbury, which specialises in both sport and dyslexia. He credits the support he received there with helping him overcome his reading difficulties.

But he’s not afraid to occasionally poke fun at himself now, a couple decades on from those tough school days. He describes once attending a toga party dressed up as a goat…!

DSCN0462Sarah Forrest is Programme Training Manager for the Easyread System, an online course for children struggling with reading, spelling, and more. Get a free 10-lesson trial from

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