The new reading solution for a 'visual' child : From Oxford Learning Solutions


Easyread: A new attitude from Day 1, substantial progress in 3-4 weeks

The New Solution for those children
who have struggled with conventional phonics

Is there anything more frustrating and upsetting than seeing a bright child falling behind, because their reading is weak? When they do not respond to intervention, one inevitably feels powerless to help.

The good news is that we routinely see great results using Easyread with those children.

There are several simple reasons why a child might have found reading hard. It varies from child to child, but once you are familiar with the patterns, they are easy to spot:

If you would like to know more, contact us about the online teacher training we do. The feedback we have had, from experienced teachers and inclusion specialists, has been very positive.

We would like you to try our Easyread System process, that is designed to address these underlying causes of difficulty. It uses a new approach that we call Guided Phonetic Reading. It uses the child's natural visual strengths to make the tricky decoding of English seem like child's play, literally. You can see from the independent data collected, it is remarkably effective with this group of children.

Getting Started

If this sounds interesting, we can get you up and running with an Easyread account. You will need to choose someone to be trained as a facilitator. Once that online training process is completed we can start working to change the trajectory for these children.

We unconditionally guarantee that you will see good results. So it will cost the school nothing if you are anything less than delighted.

Just get in touch to discuss the cost of setting up an account for your school.

What our users say about Easyread

Here is what Charlotte Whyte of Freeman Community Primary School said:

"In September 2009, we were told about a new reading program run on the internet. After completing our reading assessments for the term, we identified three children who had found our existing support programs were not moving them on as much as we would have liked. We therefore felt we would be worth trying this new program with these three children.

Within one term the three children had all made significant progress. Child 1 had gone from a reading age of 5 years 0 months in September 2009 to a reading age of 7years 9months in January 2010. Child 2 had gone from 5 years 2 months to a 7years 9months and Child 3 had gone from 6 years 10months to 8 years 2 months. Along with the stickers provided to reward the children on completion of a level, a T-shirt is then sent to them personally on cracking the password.

We now have eight children running the program and the results continue to be impressive. After the initial support needed to allow the children to understand what to do, they are able to work through their own levels independently, with a Teaching Assistant on hand to support any queries. The Teaching Assistant who works with the children was asked what she thought of it and she quite simply said, “It’s brilliant”.


 Here are some experienced teachers giving their opinions of Easyread:

Ann Bauer of Manor Junior School
Talking about Easyread

Clare Hiley of Maidenbower Junior School
Talking about her Easyread Results


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