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“Highly effective and deceptively simple, the Easyread System succeeds in making learning to read fun.”
Rebecca Abrams
Daily Telegraph
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Easyread: A new attitude from Day 1, substantial progress in 3-4 weeks

The Easyread Spellmagic Process

Creating the right foundation for good spelling...


Easyread Spellmagic is designed to make your child's spelling drop into place, as if by magic, with a short (5-15 minute) lesson online each day.

We do very little direct spelling work to achieve that. You may have have already found that repeating spellings is a waste of time if the foundation to a child's spelling has not been established.

That foundation comes from the right reading strategies. If your child is sight-reading whole words (rather than reading by decoding) then you can expect to see some atrocious spelling. Often we find these children can do a spelling test by memorising them overnight, but a week later those words have gone again. So they are stuck on a plateau, unable to improve however hard they try.

It is a really tough situation for them, but relatively easy to fix with the right approach.

Sample Lesson

The first step is to test our sample lesson. Just click the link below to do that:

If we are working in the right area, your child will be interested in doing more.

The Test for Sight Reading

A key thing to know is whether your child is sight reading or decoding. The test for that is to compare his or her ability to read the next three paragraphs. For a decoder, each paragraph will seem pretty straight forward, although paragraphs 2 and 3 make you pause momentarily. For a sight reader the first paragraph will seem easy and the other two much, much harder or impossible:

Paragraph 1 (normal):
The pig farm was up a beautiful valley, at the end of a long winding road, between tall trees and broad hedges. Mr Smith the farmer loved his simple life in the countryside, looking after his animals.

Paragraph 2 (letters mixed up):
His sprots cra was panietd oarnge, wtih braod, yleolw stirpes oevr teh rofo. Jim lvoed hsi Mstunag moer tahn amolst aynthnig in his life.

Paragraph 3 (nonsense):
The brin, smight fload is where glagged balfs trow fron with oabs and snuts and flates of shrab. If you vroy after them juffedly with smoor and slirk, you will gwipe a shnook.

If your child reads paragraph 1 fluently but finds paragraphs 2 and 3 more difficult, that is a sure sign that he or she is a sight reader, not a decoder.

How Easyread Spellmagic Works

So to fix someone's spelling difficulty, we re-engineer the way they read. It means that we take them right back to A, B, C. You will see the first lesson only uses the first 7 letters of the alphabet.

This approach delivers two benefits:

  1. First, it is a very painless and short daily process.
    Our daily lessons are only 5-15 minutes long and are designed to be fun and easy. There is no rote learning of spellings or lists of spelling rules. With time (normally around 5 months) the spelling just starts to drop into place... as if by magic! Indeed you may even question whether it has really happened because of Easyread.
  2. Secondly, the learner's reading is dramatically improved as well.
    Even if your child's reading seems quite fluent now, I would imagine that new words and placenames can be quite hard. And does your child make surprising mistakes with some of the short words? If you read something with them, you may be surprised.

So the Spellmagic process will improve your child's reading accuracy, comprehension and joy in reading as well as changing your child's spelling.

Getting Started

In order to get started you must test our trial lesson with your child.

If that goes well, we then need to set up an account for you. You can do that from our pricing page:

Once the account is created your child can log in from our Easyread home page. When a lesson has been done, the next one becomes available 10 hours later, so that we build a rhythm of lesson-sleep-lesson. If you are away for a few days that next lesson will just wait for you. And you always have access to the current lesson and the last three.

Spellmagic is a sequential process that builds spelling experience and confidence day by day.

Built into the lessons are codewords for prizes. We use good prizes and they are important for the motivation of your child and celebrate the success and progress being achieved.

The codewords also trigger some of the coaching we need to do with you. We like to create a triangular team (us + your child + you). So we need to coach you in your critical role. That also involves three routine phone interviews and as much further interaction as is necessary.

Our Aim For Your Child

Most of the children starting Spellmagic have really poor spelling, that is often their own phonetic creation. At least half of the words in their free writing are incorrect. Our aim by the end of the course is for their spelling to have a sound base with at least 90% of the words correct in an average piece of writing.

So this is not training for a Spelling Bee competition! It is about the fundamental building blocks of good spelling. Once that is in place, continued progress becomes relatively easy.

Once the foundation is in place, the more complex or unusual words will often still have to be learned. But that will now be possible and improvement will continue over the months and years after finishing the course.

Unconditional Guarantee

We are very confident of getting a great result for you and your child. So we offer an unconditional guarantee with every course:

You can stop at any time. And if we work together through the whole process and you have not seen substantial progress, you can ask for whatever refund you feel is appropriate.

Talk to Another Parent Using Spellmagic

We can put you in touch with a parent down the road who has recently been using Spellmagic. They can tell you what they have seen with their child. Just ask us to do that.

Call to Discuss it

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We are here to help. Reading and spelling are actually far more complex than most people realise. And very few teachers are trained in the problems that can arise. But we are happy to discuss what you have seen with your child's spelling and advise on whether we can help or not.

Best wishes

David Morgan

PS. You will also find a lot of general background information in our Literacy pages for more information on dyslexia, dyspraxia, reading systems and our blog.