The Easyread System makes learning to read easy, fast and stress-free, even if it has been a struggle in the past.

Test our 10-lesson free trial to see for yourself.

Our Mission - Every child reading and spelling with confidence. Check our online reviews and independent research.

What's different - Easyread uses a new approach called trainertext visual phonic cues which helps the child progress in just 15 minutes per day. We guarantee you will see good progress.

What to expect - You will see a new enthusiasm in the first few days, much improved confidence in 2-3 weeks and a leap of reading accuracy in 60-90 sessions. Sometimes it is much quicker. Spelling improvement then naturally follows on from that, without endless spelling lists!

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About Easyread

The Easyread System you can test today is the result of over ten years of research and development. The core of Easyread and the trainertext visual phonics approach is a neurological view of reading and spelling. By truly understanding the patterns of success and failure, the team designing Easyread has been able to build something that guides each child to success.

Have you seen your child guessing words, instead of reading them? Then you should check the 8 causes of reading difficulty we describe on our website. You will see an explanation there for why bright children so often end up guessing short, easy words. You will also see descriptions of other causes of difficulty, which might resonate for you.

Reading is just a neurological process and we find our scientific approach to this crucial issue has really made the process a lot easier for the children we help. You can check our Facebook Reviews to see what I mean. We combine that research-based approach with a lot of fun gaming to make the lessons flow easily. We limit them to fifteen minutes each day and aim to have the children actually asking to do their lesson.